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INNOVATION together with evolution will lead to enormous success.


                    RCMC will open an END-LINE and 2nd Branch in Baghdad as part of our expansion, to be able to service costumer’s demand locally and international.

                   RCMC recently acquired 1 DLE and 2 Varilex plate machine and it gives RCMC a high definition images. Feedback from our customers is very positive.

RCMC received the approval of:

BRC issue #5 (approved year 2017),

ISO9001:2015 (approved year 2017)

ISO 14000:2015 (approved year 2017), and OHSAS: 2005 (approved year 2017).


ISO 9001:2008 certified on Feb 2015, upgraded and certified to ISO9001:2015 on Feb 2016

ISO22000:2005 certified on Feb 2015, upgraded and certified to BRC issue 5 on Feb 2016.

RCMC received Pepsi and Coke approval during 2014 (2 months after the audit of both company) 


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